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Inuit Carvings

We have some carvings made by Inuit artisans listed in the gallery below.

Order Code Description Price
CR-44-10-Gxx Inuit Carving:Gallery See gallery below.

Genus and species: C. Rangifer tarandus.  Wild.

Caribou are not endangered and are not subject to CITES controls.

Native Made in Canada

Gallery of Inuit Carvings for Sale

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Narwhal Carving

Order Code: CR-44-10-G01

This is carved out of caribou bone. The tusk is removable.

Artist: Joel Mike
Community: Iqaluit
Date: 1993

Length of the whale: 11 cm 
Width of the whale: 3 cm 
Height of the whale: 2.5 cm
Length of the tusk: 4.5 cm
Overall length with the tusk inserted: 15 cm
Length of the base: 7 cm
Width of the base: 4 cm

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See the top view and a size comparison with a soda can

See the right side, front side and back side of the carving

See the bottom of the carving

Three Narwhal Soapstone Carving

Order Code: CR-44-10-G02

The three narwhal are carved out of soapstone. The tusks and the stand are carved from caribou antler. The middle and the right narwhals can be removed from the platform.

Artist: Isaac Ohutuq
Community: Cape Dorset

Length of the platform: 23 cm
Width of the platform on the left end: 3.5 cm
Width of the platform at the branch: 7.5 cm
Height of the platform: 2.5 cm  

Length of the narwhals (left to right): 17 cm / 13 cm / 14 cm
Length of the narwhal tusks (left to right): 6 cm / 6.5 cm / 5 cm
Width at the fins (left to right): 5.5 cm / 4 cm / 7.5 cm
Width at the tail (left to right): 4 cm / 5 cm / 5.5 cm
Thickness of narwhals (left to right): 3 cm / 3.5 cm / 3.5 cm

Height at highest point (top of middle narwhal): 9 cm
Weight of the set: 720 g

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See the top view and a size comparison with a soda can

See the left view, back view and right view of the carvings

See the carvings apart and the bottom view of the platform