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Walrus Masks

These are genuine walrus masks. They comprise of the nasal, premaxilla and maxilla bones, and may or may not include tusks. The price varies depending on size, weight and condition.

Walrus are legally hunted for food by the Inuit in northern Canada.  The walrus hunt also offers a strong bonding experience for members of the community.  Tusks and other walrus products that are not used in the local communities for arts and crafts are often available for sale in Canada or for export with the proper permits to most countries other than the United States.  There is no commercial hunting of walrus.  We buy our walrus products from Arctic Canada.

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Genus and species: Odobenus rosmarus rosmarus. Wild. CITES III.

Nearly all of the walrus products come from animals that were killed by local hunters for food. The government of Canada restricts the number of walrus that are allowed to be hunted annually.

Product of Canada

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Walrus Mask on Mount with Tusks

Order Code: CR-75-MA-Gxx

Overall length of the mask:
Length of the longer tusk on outside curve:
Length of the shorter tusk on outside curve:
Width of the top:
Height of the mask:

Length of the mount:
Width of the mount:
Height of the mount alone:


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Care Instructions

Rub the mask with Vaseline™ every now and then to prevent it from drying out. Just don't rub too quickly or for too long.