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We do not deal in the U.S. and do not respond to U.S. inquiries.

Narwhal Products

Narwhal Tusks

Replica Narwhal Tusks

Narwhal Vertebrae


Walrus Products

Walrus Tusks

Walrus Skulls with Tusks

Walrus Masks

Walrus Teeth

Walrus Oosiks




Inuit Items and Other Items

Inuit Artifacts

Inuit Carvings

Seal Skins


Items of Scientific Interest

Notes on Narwhal Tusks

Notes on Walrus Tusks


Welcome to Chichester Canada, Inc.  We are a Canadian owned and operated company specializing in products from the Canadian North.  We currently sell mainly narwhal and walrus products. Please take a look at our product pages and call us at +1.416.232.0376 if you have any questions.

Narwhal and walrus products cannot be sold to customers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia, among other countries due to national laws in these countries.